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Freelance Home and Personal Support

My Work Experience

For over 40 years I have worked in the telecommunications industry doing work involving technical research into development of early microprocessors, switching systems and fibre optic transmission. Later I was responsible for project management, intranet maintenance, billing systems, office management and auditing.

I set up my own business in September 2012.  I had been helping friends with DIY jobs around their houses and they liked what I did and commented that I should make a business out of it.  Since starting the business I have done work for a solicitor who was Executor for an elderly lady who had died leaving no family members nearby. My job was to sort her paperwork and possessions.  I made a written and photographic record of each stage of the house clearance.  The house contents were either sent to her relatives, sold, recycled or donated to charity as appropriate.

Other work has included fitting shelves, replacing light and socket fittings, mounting pictures, fixing coat hooks, refitting hinges, taking furniture apart for disposal, painting, cleaning and researching contractors for specialist work.

What Else Can I Do?

I have a wide knowledge and experience of DIY and I like to do work to a high standard. If I can't do a job, then I will refer to someone who can. I  am happy to take referrals from home owners, family or friends of people who are unable to arrange this for themselves, Solicitors, Social Workers and Executors. I'm here to provide you with help when needed and this can range from as little as a few hours to larger or ongoing contracts.

The type of work I can do includes:

  • electrical maintenance and I can arrange to have any house wiring tested by a professional
  • small repair jobs such as adjusting doors and fitting bolts and locks
  • careful house clearance
  • decorating
  • garden clearance
  • admin assistance including help with home computing
  • help with personal relocation (if you need to find residential or nursing home accommodation I can find a selection, drive and accompany you to the places of your choice to assist you in finding your new home)
  • accompanying/driving you to appointments

Call Me Today!

I'm genuinely keen to provide ‘help when needed’ so your call or enquiry is important to me.

Please click on the Contact page to see my phone and address details. Alternatively, you can submit an enquiry to ask about rates and how I may be able to help.

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